Svendsen Ross

Svendsen_RossRoss Svendsen

6th Grade Science Teacher
Platte City Middle School

Hello. My name is Ross Svendsen and this is my third year at PCMS. I have been teaching since 2004, with most of those years teaching science. I enjoy seeing students have fun while learning and relating the topics covered to real life situations that interest them. I believe all students can learn what I'm covering, but it is my challenge to find a way to help everyone accomplish that task.

2022-23 Daily Schedule

Pirate Time=7:40-8:20am
1st hour= 8:23-9:11am 6th Grade Science
2nd hour= 9:14-10:02am 6th Grade Science
3rd hour= 10:05-10:53am Plan Time
4th hour= 10:56-12:11pm 6th Grade Science
5th hour= 12:14-1:03pm 6th Grade Science
6th hour= 1:06- 1:54pm 6th Grade Science
7th hour= 1:57-2:50pm 6th Grade Science

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
816-858-2036 x. 2665