Robertson Theresa

Robertson_TheresaTheresa Robertson

Project Lead the Way Teacher
Platte City Middle School

After starting my career in 1993, I think I can list what you want to know about me:

1. I am fun....but also have high expectations! Be ready to work but be ready for it to be so fun you don't even realize you are working! 

2. I have boy/girl twins who  graduated in 2020 and are in college in different states. My daughter is fencing division 1 at Cleveland State University and my son is playing basketball for Grand View in Des Moines. I also host another son from Kenya who is playing basketball at Quinnipiac University in CT.  I will talk about them a lot !! 

3. I am so passionate about space and space travel that I will incorporate projects that involve NASA and SpaceX ideas! I am a member of the National Air and Space Museum Teacher Innovator Institute which gives me access to amazing teachers across the country as well as professionals that work for NASA, NASM, and SpaceX! I am a Space Foundation Teacher Liaison and Space Station Explorers Ambassador. I am ready to use drones, rockets, and sphero robots!

4. My teaching style is exploration. I allow my students to explore, create, build, research, collaborate, and present on topics that interest them as well as covering the content for each class. If you ask me a question, I may ask a question back to you before we get to the answer! I will ask you to think critically, connect ideas to current events, and share your thoughts!

2022-23 Daily Schedule

1st Semester:
7:40-8:20 Pirate Time
8:23-9:11 Computer Technologies
9:14-10:02 Design and Modeling
10:05-10:53 Computer Technologies
10:56-11:45 Design and Modeling
11:45-1:03 Plan E lunch
1:06-1:54 Computer Technologies
1:57-2:45 Design and Modeling
2:46-2:50 Announcements

2nd semester:

7:40-8:20 Pirate Time
8:23-9:11 Flight and Space
9:14-10:02 Plan
10:05-10:53 Flight and Space
10:56-11:45 Design and Modeling
11:48-12:38 Design and Modeling
12:40-1:03 E Lunch
1:06-1:54 Flight and Space
1:57-2:45 Design and Modeling
2:46-2:50 Announcements

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 816-858-2036 x. 2697