Diano Kim

Diano_KimKim Diano

English Language Arts Teacher
Platte City Middle School

My name is Kim Diano and I'm excited to be teaching English Language Arts this year! I’ve been in education for the past 25+ years whether it’s teaching my own classroom, substituting, or volunteering. I have three kids, 1 at PCMS, and 2 in Platte County High School. My husband retired after 27 years in the Army and we call Platte City home. I look forward to meeting all the new and returning students of The Pirate Team!  




2023-2024 Schedule



Monday, Tuesday, Friday

7:40-8:10       Advisory

8;13-9:03     ELA

9:06-9:56     ELA

9:59-10:49  ELA

11:46-12:59 Plan, Lunch, Grade Level Planning


Wednesday, Thursday

7:40-7:57       Advisory

8:00-9:30        ELA

9:35-11:05     ELA

11:10-1:11      Plan, Lunch, Grade Level Planning

1:16-1:46         Advisory

1:46-2:46         Out to C



Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 816-858-2632