Sipes John

Sipes_JohnJohn Sipes

7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher
Platte City Middle School

 So, welcome to Mr. Sipes' science class. If you are coming to my 8th-grade classroom this year, we will be learning chemistry, cellular biology, genetics, ecosystems, and finally human biology.  If you are coming to my 7th-grade classroom, we will be learning about physical science, such as Newton's laws of motion. We will also learn about simple machines, then move on to forms of energy, electricity & magnetism, and finally sound and waves.  

2022-23 Daily Schedule

0 Hour: 7:40 - 8:20 (Pirate Time)
1st Hour: 8:23 - 9:11 (8th Grade Science)
2nd Hour: 9:14 - 10:02 (7th Grade Science)
3rd Hour: 10:05 -10:53 (Plan Time)
4th Hour: 10:56 - 11:45 (8th Grade Science)
5th Hour: 11:48 - 1:03 (7th Grade Science)
6th Hour: 1:06 - 1:54 (8th Grade Science)
7th Hour: 1:57 - 2:45 (8th Grade Science)

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 816-858-2036 x. 2695