Gilpin Darcy

Gilpin_DacyDarcy Gilpin

8th Grade Math / Algebra Teacher
Platte City Middle School

My name is Darcy Gilpin, and I am incredibly excited to be here at Platte City Middle School. I have taught 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math, and Algebra 1 at the middle school level since 2013. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Math Education (Grades 5-12) from Northwest Missouri State University, my Master's in K-12 Educational Leadership, and my Specialist in Education Leadership degree with a concentration in Curriculum from Arkansas State University.

I am originally from Kansas City and love participating in volleyball and other activities. I became a teacher to build relationships with students and implement various instructional strategies to help all students with math and become lifelong learners.

2023-24 Daily Schedule

Period 1: Personal Plan
Period 2: Math Collaboration
Period 3: 8th Grade Math
Period 4: 8th Grade Math
Period 5: 8th Grade Math
Period 6: 8th Grade Algebra 1
Period 7: 8th Grade Math

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 816-858-2036 x. 2693

Room: 813