Roesle Kim

Kim RoesleKim Roesle

7th & 8th Grade English Language Arts
Platte City Middle School

Welcome to PCMS 7th and 8th Grade English Language Arts! This course combines reading and language arts concepts into a 43 minute class period! It's a lot to cover in a short amount of time...but, WE'VE GOT THIS!

I've been teaching in Platte County since 2017, and previously in St. Joseph since...forever! I love working with students and feel that building relationships with kids and making connections is what helps me help your child succeed.

Check out our schedule, course objectives, and contact information by clicking on the active links in the left column. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns! 

2020-21 Daily Schedule

7:40-8:20 Pirate Time*
8:23-9:11 Hour 1 - 7th Grade ELA
9:14-10:02 Hour 2 - 7th Grade FLEX
10:05-10:53 Hour 3 - 7th Grade ELA
10:56-11:45 Hour 4 Planning Period
11:48-1:03 Hour 5 - 8th Grade ELA
12:14-12:37 LUNCH E
1:05-1:54 Hour 6 - 8th Grade ELA
1:57-2:50 Hour 7 -8th Grade FLEX

*M/T are dedicated to Character strong; W/Th/F are academic and grade check days.

Contact Information

Phone: 816-858-2036 x. 2693