Crowell Kela

Kela CrowellKela Crowell

7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher
Platte City Middle School

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend this school year with your children! Throughout the year, as we work and problem solve our way through Math concepts, I hope to instill a love for the subject and education in general in each student. I am super excited and can't wait to see what we can learn!

2020-21 Daily Schedule

7:20-7:40 ~ Time Available for Extra Help
7:40-8:20 ~ Pirate Time
8:23-9:11 ~ 7th Grade Math (1st Hour)
9:14-10:02 ~ FLEX (2nd Hour)
10:05-10:53 ~ 7th Grade Math (3rd Hour)
10:56-11:45 ~ Plan Time (4th Hour)
11:48-12:11 ~ 8th Grade Math (5th Hour)
12:14-12:37 ~ D-Lunch
12:40-1:03 ~ 8th Grade Math (Continue 5th Hour)
1:06-1:54 ~ 8th Grade Math (6th Hour)
1:57-2:50 ~ FLEX (7th Hour)

Contact Information

Phone: 816-858-2036 x. 2686