Theis Stephanie

Stephanie TheisStephanie Theis

6th Grade Math Teacher
Platte City Middle School

Happy 2020-2021 School Year! What a year it has been! I am excited to teach 6th Grade Math at Platte City Middle School. All three of my sons have attended PCMS and loved it! They are now adults and a teen. My boys and my daughter in law are the most important people in my life. I love having family dinners with them, laughing at the silliness of life, and supporting one another in our journeys. Being their mom is the greatest gift ever.

I have had my own exciting journey over these last few years. I still live in Platte City. I became a member of Bar K. My puppies, Boomer and Truman, love hanging out with other puppies. I also have joined a wonderful organization called Global FC. I serve as a team manager, which means I get to cheer on some amazing young people as they play competitive soccer. I also help with tutoring and other educational services.

Serving others is important to me. Being a student-centered educator is highly important to me. I am incredibly blessed to be your teacher this year. I know we are going to have a great year and grow together in our math journey. 

2020-21 Daily Schedule

Pirate Time (7:40 - 8:20)
Hour 1 (8:23 - 9:11) - Plan
Hour 2 (9:14 - 10:02) - 6th Grade Math
Hour 3 (10:05 - 10:53) - FLEX
Hour 4 (10:56 - 12:11) - 6th Grade Math
Hour 5 (12:14 - 1:03) - 6th Grade Math
Hour 6 (1:06 - 1:54) - FLEX
Hour 7 (1:57 - 2:50) - 6th Grade Math

Contact Information

816-858-2036 x. 2653