Cogdill Dan

Dan CogdillDan Cogdill

Virtual Science Teacher
Platte City Middle School - Remote

Welcome to PCMS!!! Each school year brings a new set of personalities, rules and challenges for students, teachers and parents. In 2020, that is especially true. Due to the pandemic, I will be working with your children remotely this year. During these first few weeks, students will be asked to not only learn the personalities and expectations of 7 new teachers and a new administrator (Dr. Duff). They will also have to navigate through the learning curve of working remotely, via computer. Additionally, they will have to develop the maturity and discipline to work in a timely manner and develop a questioning nature that will allow PCR3 staff to assist them when needed. Oh, and one more thing: They need to learn the subject matter. WOW!

In addition to the school related transitions, your child will also be going through many physical, social/emotional and maturity related changes. Every child progresses through these changes at their own pace. Research indicates that the average sixth grade classroom can have up to a seven year maturity gap in its student make-up. As we process through this new year, we fully expect to experience emotional challenges that are unique to the online environment. Communication will be key to helping us help your child. Please feel comfortable contacting us with questions or concerns. When appropriate, we will have counselors available.

Our primary tool for lessons and communications will be Google Classroom. Your child will be assigned to a Google Classroom for each subject. This electronic classroom will contain the vast majority of your child's assignments, instructions and communications. Once the class lists have been finalized, we will send an "INVITE" to parents/guardians. If you accept the invite, you will be able to track your child's assignments and set parameters on how often you want to be notified.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Google Classroom is where we will do most of our work, it is NOT where official grades will be stored. PCR3 uses the SISK12 program for official records. If you want access to your child's SISK12 grades, you will need to sign up for "Parent Portal." Please see the district website or stop into one of the school building offices for Parent Portal instructions.

SCHEDULE: On most days, I will have assignments for the day posted by 7:00 am. I will require that students complete an attendance question each day during their assigned Science hour. Students that do not complete the daily attendance question will be counted absent. I highly encourage students to complete their assignments during this daily period, because I will be available to them via email or classroom chat sessions. If students complete the attendance question at a different part of the day, they will be counted Tardy. This will allow me to track student attendance and availability for instruction. As a class, we will meet via video at least twice a week during the assign period. All students must attend these video sessions as these will be our instructional periods. My planning period is sixth hour (1:00 - 1:40). This is the best time to contact me. I am available before or after school by appointment.

We are anticipating a fantastic school year and hope everyone is as enthusiastic about it as we are!!!!


Contact Information

Phone: 816-858-2036 x. 2695