Allison BerglundAllison Berglund

Read 180 Teacher
Platte City Middle School

Welcome visitors! I have been teaching Read 180 in Platte County since 2010, and have been a teacher of Language Arts and Reading Intervention since 1998. I have worked with all grade levels, and have taught in New Mexico, Kansas, and Missouri. I have a Master's degree in Literacy Instruction from Walden University, and additionally attended the University of New Mexico and University of North Wales for undergraduate studies in Language Arts and K-8 Education. I am an Assistant Coach for the girls soccer program at PCHS, and love working with all levels of students in different capacities.


I have seen incredible success with the Read 180 program, and invite visitors of my website to view all available information included within the tabs for an in-depth understanding of how this program can assist your child in improving and maintaining lifelong success in reading. 



7:40-8:20- Pirate Time

8:23-9:11- 1st Hour (6th Grade Read 180)

9:14-10:02- 2nd Hour (8th Grade Read 180)

10:05-10:53- 3rd Hour: Plan/Team Time


11:22-12:11-4th Hour (6th Grade Read 180)

12:14-1:03-5th Hour (7th Grade Read 180)

1:06-1:54- 6th Hour (7th Grade Read 180)

1:57-2:45- 7th Hour (6th Grade Read 180)

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 816-858-2036 x. 2681